Michigan man uses GPS to stalk ex-girlfriend to Mankato

A man who allegedly drove from Michigan to Minnesota to stalk his ex-girlfriend is facing criminal charges after police found GPS trackers on the woman’s car.

Shawn Kelly Thomason of Hazel Park, Michigan is charged with three felony counts of stalking and gross misdemeanor installation of a tracking device without a court order.  He is also charged with misdemeanor domestic assault.

According to the criminal complaint, Thomason and the victim had broken up in May.  The victim’s father told police that Thomason has been stalking his daughter, and had somehow recently even found her in Chicago when she stopped in the city on her way back from visiting her mother in Missouri.

On December 7 at around 10:30 a.m., the victim called her father from outside the home when Thomason blocked her vehicle and was knocking on her car window, according to the complaint.  Thomason fled when the family said they were calling 911.  The victim told police she wasn’t sure how Thomason had found her in Mankato, because she hadn’t told him where she was moving and had blocked him from her social media accounts.  Court documents say the responding officer looked under the victim’s car, where he found two GPS devices. One had a blinking light and appeared to be working.  The other was salt-covered and seemed to have a dead battery.

Thomason’s rental car was later found at a St. Peter motel, where he was arrested.  According to the complaint, a search of his vehicle unearthed a number of items, including a sales record for a 9mm Glock pistol purchased by Thomason in Michigan on November 12, 2018.

Investigators also found several items of concern in Thomason’s car, according to the complaint. One bag contained bandanas, black gloves, a makeup kit, latex gloves, electrical tape, two loaded 9mm magazines, and a plastic bag containing a recorders and cameras.  In another bag, court documents say police discovered a fully-loaded Glock 9mm pistol and holster with a loaded 9mm magazine, tactical gloves, and pants.

Court documents say the cargo area also contained a large bundle of documents with lists of conversations that Thomason intended to have with the victim.  The complaint says that investigators found chilling passages that Thomason had allegedly written in the conversation script:

“Do you know you need to be held accountable for your actions?”

“[Purchasing a car for her] came with an understanding & commitment to me continue to working on a long-term committed relationship.  You will honor that commitment!”

“I want you to quit your job here.”

“I want that damn MN plate off the car.”

“I want you to commit to me 100%”

“PPL get shot over things like this.”

Thomason told police in an interview that he had come to Mankato to see what the hype was about and just happened to see the victim’s car when he drove down the street.  He admitted that he’d been in Mankato prior to December 7, telling police he’d placed a GPS tracker on the victim’s car when he found it at the mall.  He denied having a gun on him when he went to the victim’s house.

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