DWI Charges: Mankato Man Was Over 5x’s The Legal Limit

A Mankato man faces criminal charges after he allegedly drove his vehicle with an alcohol level over five times the legal limit.

Peder Roy Tryhus, 37, was charged in Blue Earth County Court with two counts of gross misdemeanor DWI for the Saturday, Nov. 3 incident.

According to the complaint, the Minnesota State Patrol responded at 10:22 p.m. to a driving complaint, and a report of Tryhus’s vehicle in the ditch on Highway 169 just north of Vernon Center.

State troopers noticed an overwhelming odor of alcohol when they approached the vehicle. They found full beer cars scattered around the passenger side of the car.  Court documents say Tryhus was “unintelligible” when he attempted to speak, and was unable to comprehend the most basic of instructions.

Troopers say they had to assist Tryhus out of his vehicle, as he was unable to walk, stand, and had lost control of nearly all his motor functions.  Officers say they were not able to administer standard field sobriety tests on Tryhus because of his extreme level of intoxication.

A preliminary breath test put Tryhus’s blood alcohol content at .36.  A blood draw later measured a blood alcohol level of .46, according to the complaint.

A .46 reading is more than 5 times the legal limit.

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