Sleepy Eye Man Allegedly Breaks Into Home While Cornered Victims Fear For Their Lives

A Sleepy Eye man is accused of breaking into a residence and refusing to let the occupants leave while he stayed the weekend and helped himself to food and beverage.

Twenty-three-year-old Alexis Flores was charged with felony 1st degree burglary and misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

According to the criminal complaint, Flores broke a door on Friday morning around 1 a.m. and entered the home of the mother of one of the victims, who was staying there because she was scared of Flores.  The victim told police Flores came upstairs to her bedroom and began yelling at her and smashing his phone.

An second female victim at the house heard Flores threaten to shoot himself, saying he had a gun outside the door, according to court documents.  The women told police Flores refused to leave the residence from the time he broke in on Friday until Sunday afternoon.  Flores would also not allow the women to leave the residence.  They told police he wasn’t physical, but they feared he would hurt them if they tried to escape.

Court documents say the women reported the Flores was drinking and eating everything in the house as if it was his own, and finally left, only because he had to shingle his mother’s house.

On Sunday night, Flores allegedly returned to the residence and was banging on door and yelling at the victim and fighting with a man he believed she was sleeping with.  He was arrested after the women called 911.

The victim told police she believes Flores will someday kill her.

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