Northern Iowa Man Hospitalized After Being Shot By Dog

A 36-year-old man was hospitalized in Iowa this week after being shot by a dog.

According to the Iowa DNR, a member of a hunting party set his 12-gauge shotgun on the ground Wednesday and one of the dogs with the group stepped on it “just right, or just wrong” and the gun fired.

William Rancourt of New Hampshire was about 20 yards away and caught most of the shot pattern in his back from his waist up to his neck.

“He’s fortunate that the distance was as far as it was, because shotguns are extremely dangerous at close ranges,” said Conservation Officer Ken Lonneman, who noted that the distance kept the accident from being fatal.

Rancourt was taken to the hospital in Fort Dodge to have the pellets removed from his body.

The dog was one of two that the hunting party had brought from New Hampshire and the DNR believes it was Rancourt’s.

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