Final Plea in Deadly Confrontation at Madelia Home

There’s been another conviction in this year’s deadly confrontation at a home in rural Madelia.

Kyle Nason, age 19, of Sleepy Eye entered his plea to a burglary charge on Tuesday and will be sentenced next month, along with fellow would-be burglar Cornelius Ayers Jr., who pleaded guilty last week.

The homeowner, David Pettersen, will be sentenced in July for the reckless discharge of a firearm, after he shot at the car of the young men, killing 19-year-old Nick Embertson. With the plead on the gun charge, the manslaughter count against Pettersen was dropped.

Ayers Jr., Nason and a third friend, Nick Embertson, were allegedly trying to break into the home of David Pettersen on January 28th, trying several doors – all of which were locked.

The three men fled when Pettersen came outside and as they were trying to leave Pettersen shot at their vehicle and killed Embertson.

According to court documents, Pettersen told police that he was in bed on the morning in question, when he heard someone trying to open a door to his house and looked through his window and saw someone outside. He then went outside and confronted the person (Nason) on his deck, who jumped down and crawled away toward a car on Pettersen’s property.

Pettersen then went into his bedroom and grabbed his .45 caliber handgun and went outside and from about 10 feet away he fired two to three rounds at the car which was leaving his property. Pettersen says he was trying to shoot out a tire.

Nineteen-year-old Nicolas Embertson was hit and was later pronounced dead at the Madelia Hospital.

Search warrants show that Nason, Ayers Jr. and Embertson had two knives in their vehicle. Among the items found in their 2007 Chevy Impala were a fixed blade butcher knife in the backseat and a fixed blade paring knife in the pocket of the front passenger door.

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