Every Wednesday at around 12:45 we have the Beef news Program with Mark Malecek. Mark discusses topics affecting the cattle industry and raising a quality beef product.

Beef News for 5-25-16

Karlie Breitkreutz is joined by Redwood Area Cattlemen Ambassador Makenna Winkelmann.  They discuss the importance for the younger generation to be involved in the Ag industry in general and the

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Beef News 4-27

Today on Beef News and Notes, Mark visits with Dean Ibberson of the Sleepy Eye Stock Market.

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Beef News for 4-6

  Mark visits with Karin Schaefer, executive director of the Minnesota Beef Council.  They talk about the kickoff of grilling season. Karin has tips and recipe ideas for your summer beef

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Beef News 3-30

Mark visits about the longevity of the Beef News and Notes program.   He thanks the guests and guest hosts.   Then details are discussed about a new contest with the Beef News Program.

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