Station Personnel Biographies

Mike Neudecker


I graduated from Redwood Falls high school in 1978. Plans were to become a carpenter. After attending Alexandria Vo-Tech for carpentry I returned to Redwood Falls and worked for my father doing construction for Mattson Steel Buildings. Got married to Julie and started a family. 

In 1982 interest rates shot up to 20% and there was not much construction going on, after a couple of short term jobs to get by, I landed at KLGR in sales in 1982. In 1987, I was promoted to General Manager, by this time Julie and had three children, Brian, Dustin, and Nikki. I continued as the General manager at KLGR until 2007. 

I was offered the G.M. position in Watertown S.D. for our cluster of six stations. Julie and I bought a nice place on Lake Kampeska figuring our children and grandchildren would come and visit. Like most young families with children involved in activities they were so busy they only visited twice in the three years we were there. 

We had the opportunity to come back to RedwoodFalls and decided to take it, we have enjoyed seeing our kids and grandchildren almost every week. We met some great people in Watertown and miss a number of things, but, being near our kids and able to watch school activities far out ways everything else. 

Laura Olson


My career at KLGR started out with being a morning show sidekick with Jim Maurice and Bruce Tolzmann and grew into being News Director and Program Director.

I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Graduated from Prairie High School, a class of about 300. I attended college and received a degree in Nursing and have held an RN license since 1991. I met my husband when we were both working at the hospital in Cedar Rapids.

After getting married to Alan Olson in 1992, we moved to Redwood Falls. My husband is a family physician, we spent several months looking at communities and where he wanted to practice medicine and we wanted to raise a family-Benson, Willmar and Glencoe were in the running. Redwood Falls was the perfect choice for both professional and family reasons.

We have 3 fantastic kids-Adam, Sara and Alex. They have brought incredible joy to our lives and we are so proud of them and the people they are becoming. We have been blessed with foreign additions to our family by hosting 3 students over the last years. Jonas, from Germany. Erik from Sweden and TJ from Norway.

I worked at Redwood County Public Health, doing primarily school nursing when we first moved to the area. I started at KLGR in that “sidekick” position in 2000.

My community and volunteer work has been rewarding and allowed me oppurunity to give back to the area. I have worked with the Crisis Pregnancy Center, Red Cross, Gloria Dei Church, Redwood Area Theatre, Redwood Area Hockey Association, United Way, Cardinal Youth Football Association, SMAHC, Associated Press, Redwood Falls Police Commission, Education First and Redwood Falls Park and Recreation Commission.

One of my biggest accompishments was inbedding with local troops in Iraq in 2006. I have an extreme respect for our military. I have received several state awards for reporting and company recognition for leadership.

I love my job because I am always learning and meeting new people. I take pride in hearing people depend on us for reliable and local information everyday and don't take for granted that we are all about being live, local and relivant.

My favorite food is Lobster.
I dream of being more organized.
My favorite TV shows are Criminal Minds and 3 ½ Men.
I love football.
I like to read John Grisham books.
I would travel if money were no object.
I don't sleep much.
I love to cook!
And can't think of a better way to spend an evening then attending a local High School events.

But my most favorite thing is having a house full of kids. Keep pizza in the freezer and pop in the fridge and they will come.

Randy Wayne Clausen

Sports Director and Midday Announcer for KLGR
Hard to believe it’s been over 10 years since I’ve come back to KLGR Radio in Redwood Falls.  

Born in Minneapolis, but raised here in Southwest Minnesota, living in both Redwood Falls and Belview.

After graduating from Belview, (yes Belview had their own school back then), I attended Broadcasting School at Brown Institute, now Brown College in Minneapolis.    After graduating from Brown, I worked part time at KLGR before getting my first real broadcasting job at KHOL in Beulah, North Dakota

    I first started working afternoons, began their sports programming with play by play of the Minors and Bison and finally moved into sales.   After 4 ½ years I moved back to Minnesota and started at KDMA and KMGM in Montevideo.

I worked full time and part time there for 10 years until I got the chance to move back home and become the Sports Director here at KLGR AM and FM.

My days are spent on the air from 10am until 2pm, writing , producing, recording commercials, and reporting on all the world of sports including a coaches show on Saturdays in September through March. From the local High Schools through the pros we cover it all. Most nights from August through June are spent in the High School Gyms and ball field doing play by play.   I announce football and volleyball in the fall, Boys’ and Girls Basketball and Hockey plus Wrestling results in the winter and girls fastpitch softball and baseball in the spring.

Since I’ve been at KLGR I’ve covered State Champions in Football, Volleyball, Girls’ Basketball, Girls’ Fastpitch Softball and Baseball.

My summers are spend as the track announcer for the Redwood Speedway on Sunday evenings. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my wife Kathy, our families, fishing, a little golf and supporting the Minnesota Sports teams, most of al the Vikings, I bleed purple!



Welcome to my little corner of the KLGR Web World.  If you are reading this bio, one of two things has happened; 

 1.  You are truly interested in learning a little bit about me.
      Well a little about myself.  I am a native of Southwestern Minnesota.  Born in New Ulm, and raised in Morgan, MN.  Grew up on a farm near Gilfillan, where I learned the fine arts of walking beans, picking rock, bailing hay, and cleaning barns.  I may not be active in farming anymore, but I wouldn’t change a bit of it for the world.  I am a 1999 Graduate of Cedar Mountain High School.  And even though I am not allowed to be on the air, I am still very partial to my Cougars. 
      In 2004, I graduated from DeVry University, in Kansas City, MO with my Bachelor’s Degree in Network Communications.  (This is just a fancy way of saying I make computers talk to each other.)  As I was graduating, many local companies were laying off I.T. people left and right, so needless I came back to Morgan to regroup myself, and haven’t left again.  I guess I am just partial to knowing who my neighbors are, and not having to worry about where my child grows up.   
            I started out working at KLGR as a part time announcer in August of 2007.  Had no prior experience in radio, just wanted to give it a shot.  Quickly fell in love with doing the job, and jumped at the offer to make it my career.  I truly enjoy the fun I get to have, both on the Afternoon Show, and at work in general. I work with truly great people here, and am glad to have this opportunity.  It’s a great group of people.   
      I am a bit of a prankster and a jokester.  But trust me its generally in good taste, and always in good fun.  When I am not at work, you can find me on my Harley, at home with my family, doing a little bit of fishing, trying to play a little golf, reading, in my wood shop, or to my wife’s dismay; playing video games.   
      That’s about all there is to know about me.  If anything changes or is added, I will be sure to let you know.

Tara Anderson


I was born and raised in Springfield MN. My parents are Rich and Barb Dauer of Springfield. I graduated from Springfield Public High School and went to Ridgewater College in Willmar MN. I worked at Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel and VFW in Redwood Falls. I moved to Redwood Falls in October 1998.


I married Darwin Anderson on September 15, 2001. That was quite the experience as you all know this was 4 days after 9-11, so we didn’t know what to expect or if we would have a place to have a reception due to the Armory may have to be used to deploy troops. There were a lot of other things that didn’t go as plan but it all went off just fine! We divorced in 2011.

I am now engaged to Justin Lipinski who is originally from Ivanhoe, MN. He currently works on the road working on wind turbines and cell towers. So lucky for me I get to see a lot of different states. Traveling now is one of my favorite things to do! Our wedding is planned for June 14, 2014 in Redwood Falls.

I started working at KLGR Radio October 15, 2001. I absolutely love what I do. I’m an Account Manager and cover part of Redwood Falls, Franklin, Fairfax, Bird Island, Olivia, Danube, Renville, Sacred Heart, Willmar, Granite Falls, Echo, Wood Lake and Belview. I enjoy my clients and learning about all the different business. I’ve earned the accreditation for Certified Radio Marketing Consultant, CoLearn The Center for Online Learning and Radio Advertising Bureau.

Our first daughter Taylor Lynn was born March 22, 2000 with some health conditions and we spent 222 days at the U of M in the cities. We lost her on April 22, 2001. She is our little Angel and dearly missed.

On August 27, 2003 our second daughter Rachel Taylor was born. She is my pride and joy since she reminds me of myself. My parents always told me that I would have one just like me and I sure got her! YIKES!!!

Derek Heath was born on December 13, 2007 and he is definitely my sweetheart. He’s just a charmer and loves every minute of it!

I love to watch football…specially the MN Vikings, hang out with my family and friends. I enjoy snowmobiling (Arctic Cat of course) during the winter or hitting a warm spot for vacation. I have to say Cabo San Lucas is the best so far. Summers love going to my friends camping at the lake or my friend’s pool. Just to be outside is relaxing to me. 

Of course there’s so much more about me but I hate to bore you!

Karlene Rose


I have been a resident of southwest Minnesota since 1972. My family moved to Fairfax when I was in sixth grade. The last quarter of my sophomore year in high school, my parents moved us to Lucan. I am a Wabasso High School graduate. I attended Mankato State University for one year then decided to transfer to Granite Falls AVTI. I graduated from the Professional Sales program.  

I moved to Redwood Falls in 1982 and started my career in sales. I was a salesperson at the local Ford dealership for 20 years. I then sold insurance for 2 years. I started as an account manager at KLGR in March of 2004. I guess you can see that I have been in sales all of my “adult life”. 

I met my husband Jim at a country music festival in 1996. He is from Central Minnesota and decided to make the move to Redwood Falls in 1997. We were married September 19th, 1998.  

In my free time I enjoy relaxing at the lake in the summer, when we close up the camper, it is deer hunting time. Then, I wait for it to snow! Sorry, yes I did say snow! We also enjoy snowmobiling when we get a chance. Most of the time they become lawn ornaments!