Local News

Spring Ahead on Sunday!

03/04/15 03:48 PM

Bus accident due to blowing snow

03/04/15 03:28 PM

Meyers, Groebner move on in Redwood County Commissioner race

03/04/15 05:08 AM

Redwood County Board Agenda

03/02/15 03:51 PM

Redwood Falls Council agenda

03/02/15 03:50 PM

Special Election still on Tuesday, voting possible today

03/02/15 12:35 PM

Blood supply is low, donors needed

03/02/15 11:30 AM

Business expansions in Porter and Bird Island

03/02/15 11:17 AM

To elect or appoint county positions?

03/02/15 11:16 AM

Speed limits to increase on some area roads

02/27/15 05:11 PM

Child Endangerment charges filed in Montevideo

02/27/15 07:39 AM

Montevideo Man dies in sex act, charges possible

02/27/15 06:55 AM

Fall leads to death of employee at Schwan's Food

02/27/15 06:50 AM

Fake police calls in Mankato

02/27/15 06:50 AM

Eagle cam captures birth

02/26/15 11:51 AM

Patient safety reports released for hospitals in state

02/26/15 11:33 AM

Redwood Area Chamber Ag Scholarship Applications Available

02/25/15 10:43 AM

Lawsuit filed in Carbon Monoxide deaths in Springfield

02/25/15 10:42 AM

The father of Nathan Potter, one of the men found dead in his rural Springfield home, is suing Elite Mechanical Systems in excess of fifty thousand dollars.

In the court filing, Potter's lawyers say that work done on the home's heating system on December

Coyotes wandering on MSP runway

02/25/15 10:34 AM

Schell's making another new line of beer

02/25/15 10:19 AM