Water lines freezing in the area

The City of Redwood Falls encourages residents to check their water temperature coming into their home or business.

The extreme cold temperatures have caused the ground to freeze to deeper than normal depths causing water services to freeze.

Residents should run the tap water until it is cold. If you find it 35 degrees or colder, you should let a faucet run a stream about the size of a pencil lead to prevent your service from freezing. It will take several months for the ground to thaw enough where freezing is not an issue.

There have been numerous service freeze-ups recently in town and around the area. To prevent these freeze-ups, you are encouraged to take a few minutes to check your water temperature to know if you are at risk of being without water for any period of time.

Any questions or concerns please contact:

City Hall – 637-5755

Water Plant – 627-8607

Water Dept. cell – 430-0166

The cities of Lamberton, Sanborn and Morton have also sent notice asking residents to leave a small amount of water run at their home to prevent freezing. 

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