Farm News

Turkey Hatching Down, Placements Up

(USDA) Turkey eggs in incubators on July 1, 2018, in the United States totaled 28.4 million, down 3 percent from July 1, 2017. Eggs in incubators were down slightly from the June 1, 2018 total of

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Corn Mixed, Soybeans Crushings Up

Total corn consumed for alcohol and other uses was 524 million bushels in May 2018. Total corn consumption was up 5 percent from April 2018 and up 3 percent from May 2017. May 2018 usage included

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CDC Revises Report on Farmer Suicides

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says its numbers on farmer suicides are wrong. The CDC has retracted its report based on 2016 data that said farmers had the highest suicide rate in

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