Agenda for the Jan. 15 Renville County Board meeting


8:30 AM 105 South 5th Street, Suite 313 Olivia, MN 56277

Renville County, Minnesota Page 1 Updated 1/11/2019 1:01 PM

1. Call to Order

A. Roll Call

B. Pledge of Allegiance

C. Employee Service Awards

2. Agenda Additions and/or corrections 3. Minutes Approval

A. Board of Commissioners – Regular Meeting – Dec 26, 2018 8:30 AM

B. Board of Commissioners – Organizational – Jan 8, 2019 8:30 AM


A. 2019 Environmental Assessment

5. Human Services

A. RCHS December Meeting Minutes

B. 2018 Accomplishments and 2019 Goals Approval

C. Acceptance of FGDM Grant Award 2019

D. Child Welfare/Juvenile Justice Screening Grant

E. Contract Approval

F. RCHS Credit Cards

G. Statement of Revenue and Expenditures

H. Legislative Update

I. Social Services Case Activity Report

J. County Based Purchasing Update

K. Contracts/Agreements Listing

Agenda Board of Commissioners January 15, 2019

L. Car Report 2018

6. Public Works 9:45 AM

A. Update: Road & Bridge

B. Purchase Order # 6617 (Diamond Mowers, Inc)

C. Operation & Maintenance Agreement for the CSAH 37 Hawk Creek Streambank

Restoration Project

Recess for Drainage Authority Meeting 10:00 AM

7. RC Hospital Presentation 11:00 AM

A. RC Hospital Presentation

8. I.T.

A. Approve Email Retention Schedule

B. Virtual Host Server Refresh – Revised PO 6615

C. PO 6619 MnCCC IFS 2019 Annual Support Renewal

D. Blanket PO 6620 – 2019 CPT Services

9. Human Resources

A. Human Resource Actions

B. Approve Refilling Assistant County Attorney Position

10. Administration

A. Approve Performance Agreement for Speaker Services

B. Schedule Drainage Authority Meeting

C. Approve Board Representative on RAPAD Coalition

D. Approval of Claims

11. Reports

12. Adjournment

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