Agenda for the Sept. 18 Renville County Board meeting

1. Call to Order

Roll Call

A. Introduction of New Employees

2. Highway 23 Transportation Coalition 8:30 AM

A. MN Highway 23 Coalition Presentation 8:30

3. Public Works (Jeff Marlowe) 8:50 AM

A. Update: Road & Bridge

B. 2018/2019 Winter Salt Quotes

C. Caterpillar 323 Excavator Rental

D. Agreement 2018-10 with TC & W RR Company to Replace the RR Crossing on


E. Purchase Order # 6555 (4J’s Gravel Crushing)

F. Purchase Order # 6556 (4J’s Gravel Crushing)

4. Broadband Project (Ben Ranft) 9:30 AM

A. Broadband Project Update -Ben Ranft, RS Fiber/HBC

5. Parks (Jess Diehn) 9:50 AM

A. Lake Allie Monthly and Seasonal Camping

B. Shelter Reservations

C. Large Event Shelter Reservations

6. Public Health (Jill Bruns) 10:10 AM

A. E-Cigarettes, Vaping, JUULing

B. Talking is Teaching Grant Update

7. License (Marc Iverson and Deb Folkerts) 10:45 AM

Agenda Board of Commissioners September 18, 2018

A. Update on new Driver’s Licenses and Process

8. Sheriff (Scott Hable) 11:00 AM

A. Jail Report – August 2018

9. Finance (Karrie Jansen) 11:10 AM

A. Review 2019 Budget/Capital items (Jail & IT)

B. 2019 Preliminary Budget & Tax Levy Resolution 23-18

10. Administration

A. Review Commissioner Claims

B. Approve 2019 Prime Health Employer Medical Insurance Contributions

C. Approve Contract with ACTS for Cleaning Services

11. Reports


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