911 Service Unavailable in Wood Lake, Echo, Red Del, Clements, and Morgan Telephone Exchanges

The Arvig phone and Internet company says 911 service is currently unavailable in the following locations:

·         Wood Lake and Echo Minnesota telephone exchanges, both in Yellow Medicine County

·         Clements, Morgan and RedDel telephone exchanges in Redwood County

Residents are currently unable to reach 911 services via either a land line or a cellular device. Crews are onsite and working to restore service as quickly as possible.

Emergency services, the Department of Public Service and the Department of Homeland Security have all been notified of the outage.

Arvig is advising residents who need emergency assistance to text or email family or friends in another telephone exchange to have them contact the:

·         Yellow Medicine County Sheriff’s Office at 320-564-2130, or 911 if they are located in Yellow Medicine County, other than Wood Lake or Echo.

·         Redwood County Sheriff’s Office at 507-637-4007, or 911 if they are also in Redwood County in a phone exchange other than Red Del, Clements or Morgan.

Arvig will send out a second alert when service is restored.

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