Springfield Man Accused Of Molesting 5-Year-Old

A Springfield man is accused of molesting a 5-year-old girl.

Springfield police were notified earlier this month of a possible sexual assault involving 76-year-old Delster James Keene.

The police reviewed video of an interview with the girl, who told a representative with the Child Advocacy Center that Keene is “rude,” because he touched her genitals and he “makes out” with her.  The girl said  that Keene touched her every day and that two witnesses were possibly in the room when it happened.

One of the witnesses has been in a relationship with Keene for several years, and told police that Keene and the child were never left alone together.

Keene denied touching the girl inappropriately.

Keene has been charged with three felony counts of criminal sexual conduct.

Story from SouthernMinnesotaNews.com

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