Experts say mental state health treatment system needs revamping

While many want to address school shootings by controlling access to guns, the head of Woodland Centers in Willmar says there needs to be a revamp of how people with mental illness get treatment in this state.

Dr. Ashley Kjos says often times kids who need hospital-level services end up, in some cases, getting treatment in facilities across the state, but when they come home, the follow-up services aren’t there. Kjos says while the old state hospital model wasn’t perfect and had it’s own problems, there is a need for people to get the ongoing treatment places like the Willmar Regional Treatment Center provided.

Kjos says parents need to pay attention to even the smallest signs that their children may be dealing with a mental health issue. She says monitor their social media, and make sure you know who their friends are.

(JP Cola, KWLM)

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