Linsmeier indicted Wednesday for Fairfax embezzlement

Theresa Ernestine Linsmeier, age 58, was indicted yesterday in St. Paul federal court for allegedly embezzling $535,000 from Farm Mercantile in Fairfax.

The grand jury indictment says Linsmeier, a former bookkeeper, stole the funds from her employer over a five year period, from 2011 to 2016, in part to fund a gambling habit. Linsmeier also allegedly used her authority to sign and issue company checks to transfer money to pay for her personal credit cards.

The indictment alleges Linsmeier created false entries in Farm Mercantile’s general ledger to make it appear the missing funds had been used for actual business expenses.

Because federal law requires people to report their income from illegal activities, Linsmeier was charged with five counts of filing false income tax returns for not reporting the stolen money. She faces three counts of wire fraud for transferring the stolen money electronically.

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