Agenda for the Feb. 13 Renville County Board meeting

I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Employee Service Awards
4. Introduction of New Employee
Recess for Human Services Board Meeting
II. Agenda Additions and/or corrections
III. Minutes Approval
1. Board of Commissioners – Regular Meeting – Jan 23, 2018 8:30 AM
IV. Public Works
1. Update: Road & Bridges
2. Purchase Order # 6432 (Kibble Equipment – John Deere Financial)
3. Purchase Order # 6437 (Midwest Machinery Company)
4. SP 065-611-046 Final Acceptance
5. Motion to Authorize the County Board Chair to Sign Right of Way Documents for SAP 065-604-021
6. Purchase Order # 6438 (I-29 Trailer Sales)
V. Parks
1. MTRA Grant
1. Voyant Phone System Contract Renewal
VII. Sheriff
1. PO – Zuercher Technologies

VIII. Human Resources
1. Employee Service Awards
2. Completion of Probationary Period, Jail Program Director
3. Accept Resignation, part-time on-call Jailer Corrections Officer
4. Accept Resignation, part-time on-call Jailer/Corrections Officer
5. Accept Resignation, part-time on-call Patrol Deputy
6. Accept Resignation, full-time Jailer/Corrections Officer
7. Approve Hiring part-time on-call Jailer/Corrections Officer
8. Authorize Advertising and Hiring, full-time Jailer/Corrections Officer
9. Authorize Advertising and Hiring, full-time Corrections Sergeant
10. Administrative Assistant Retirement
11. Transfer Maintenance Worker
12. Approve Hiring, Administrative Assistant
IX. Administration
1. Information on Old Hospital Property and Resolution 4-18
2. Approval of Claims
3. Courthouse Building Assessment by Klein McCarthy
4. Staff SoftwareTraining by Ridgewater College
5. Request to Build Lactation Room in Government Services Center
X. Reports
XI. Closed Session
1. Closed Session: Labor Negotiations Strategy (M.S. 13D.03)
XII. Adjournment

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