Commissioners decide RedwoodCounty Courthouse may need replacing rather than repairs

The Redwood County Courthouse is 127 years old, and showing its age. With recent weather and equipment damage, maintenance, and federal regulations about court safety, it’s looking like the venerable courthouse could need up to $5 million in upgrades to keep it safe and habitable for those who work in it.

With that, the Redwood County commissioners this week decided maybe it’s time to invest those millions in a whole new facility rather than patch up a building already over a century old.

Redwood County Administrator Vicki Knobloch explained:

Knobloch said she and other county staff are in just the very earliest stages of exploring options with architects, and that nothing definite has been determined or decided, either about demolishing the current courthouse or building a new one.

She added that, most likely, it would be most practical to build a new courthouse on another site.

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