Minutes of the Jan. 10 Morton City Council meeting

JANUARY 10, 2018:

Regular meeting called to order in open session at 7:00 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Henning arrived late.  All other members present.  Others present:  Matt Robinson, Harry Carruth, Linda Kahmeyer, Paul Neudecker, Tom Robinson, Greg Deinken and John Gallery.




SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Motion by Walker and second by Prescott to approve as presented.  Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:   Motion by Prescott and second by Walker to approve the Treasurer’s Reports as presented.  Motion carried.


SENIOR CITIZEN CONTRIBUTION:  Motion by Jacobson and second by Prescott to make a $500 social service contribution to the Morton Senior Citizens.  Motion carried.

TILING PROJECT UPDATE:  The tiling behind the pumphouse is completed.  Last update was that water was still running out of that pipe as well as the one that the city installed.

KOERNERS KORNER:  The sale was completed and was open under new ownership as of January 1st.

AUTHORIZE SALE OF PROPERTY:  Motion by Jacobson and second by Walker to pass resolution 2018-01 authorizing the county auditor to conduct a private sale of parcel 34-00161 to adjacent landowners because the parcel cannot be improved on because it does not comply with local ordinances regarding minimum area, shape, frontage and access, the private sale will allow the parcel to be returned to the tax list and the highest and best use of the land can be achieved by adding to an adjoining parcel.  Motion carried.

MEDIACOM FRANCHISE AGREEMENT:  Motion by Jacobson to renew the franchise agreement with Mediacom subject to legal review.  Second by Prescott. Motion carried.  The agreement expires in 2020 but requirements outline the time frame needed to come to a mutual agreement by the expiration date.


JULY 4 COMMITTEE:   Council asked that people interested in serving on the committee contact city hall by January 15th.  So far the only person coming forward has been Jennifer Madsen.  Thank you Jennifer!  Anyone else interested should call city hall.

CENTER FOR SMALL TOWNS PROGRAM:  The Foundation received a grant from the Center for Small Towns from University of Minnesota-Morris to complete a community needs survey.  At the time the application was submitted direction had not been taken on the fire hall so the intent was to survey the community regarding the fire hall.  Discussion on other items that should be included in the survey which include: campground in the park, a community center, a learning center, day care.  The survey will be developed and forwarded to the council for their review.


WATER/SEWER :  Nothing.

SANITATION:  We are transitioning from Waste Management to R & E.  New containers have been delivered, old containers have been picked up.  Anyone who (1) still has the all green Waste Management containers (2) Did not receive a black garbage container (3) Needs additional containers (4) Needs a different size container should contact city hall and arrangements will be made.





POLICE:  Summary report was available for council review.  No issues were presented.


Fire Hall:  The Council has received and discussed a proposal from Morton Buildings at the last meeting.  Council members presented another option for a building at that meeting also, but there was no proposal for review and details given were all verbal.  Today the individual working on the proposal (Dan Haase) contacted city hall regarding the information that would be needed for this meeting.  It was relayed to Dan that it would have been helpful to have the information included in the agenda packets so council would have ample time to review the proposal and develop questions.  So, at this time there is no written proposal but Dan was asked to have a complete proposal presented at city hall by February 1 if the council chooses to continue to explore this as an option.

Discussion on including city offices in this building was discussed.  Council members expressed their desires for no longer leasing space and combining into one facility.  Farmer reviewed some of the activities that take place in the office building and highlighted some of the needs that would need to be met.  Farmer also updated the council on discussions that took place with MVHLC Board member Loran Kaardal regarding possible future plans for this building.

Discussion on apples for apples proposals and the need for having comparable projects to discuss.  Walker indicated that apples for apples proposals may not be a priority if we are getting the project completed for less money.  Jacobson questioned experience with constructing facilities like this, insurance and bonding and warranty.   Prescott also questioned the warranty of Morton Buildings.  All these items would need to be considered.

John Gallery expressed concern about the amount of debt we currently have and questioned adding more onto it for a town of 300+ people.

Matt Robinson reviewed the safety issues that exist and pointed out that if there was a serious accident or injury as a result of those safety issues, these construction costs would seem minimal.

Motion by Jacobson to table the fire hall project for the next meeting.  Further discussion on comparable proposals and what other information the council expects to have available to them at the next meeting.  Jacobson withdrew his motion.

Motion by Prescott to table the fire hall proposals until the next meeting so that all options can be considered including city offices.  Second by Walker.  Discussion.  Motion carried.

Annual Organization approved as follows with a motion by Henning and second by Prescott and carried.

Acting Mayor:  Tom Jacobson

Order of business:  Agenda packets prepared during the week prior to the meeting. Keep agenda format as is with citizen issues and presenters at the beginning of the meeting, commissioner reports at each meeting.

Agenda Packets:  Information pertaining to agenda items will be included in the packet for council review in advance.  Items presented at the meeting without information provided in the packet are encouraged to be tabled for review.  Visitors not on the agenda will be addressed at the end of the agenda.


Business/Residential Development:  Walker & Jacobson

Support to Kids/Community Pride:  Farmer & Prescott

Municipal Services: Prescott & Walker

Public Safety:  Jacobson & Farmer

Management:  Farmer & Jacobson.

Official Newspaper:  Renville County Register(Primary) with Redwood Gazette when council deems appropriate

Depositories:  MNWest Bank (Primary), Bremer, Hometown & Franklin State

Meeting Schedule:  2nd Wednesday beginning at 6:30 pm. With second meeting on the 4th Wednesday if needed.  Agendas posted on front door of city hall, posted on facebook and on the access channel.

Newsletter/video:  Newsletter prepared immediately following the first regular meeting and includes the notes from the most recent meeting. Corrections to be noted in the following newsletter. Newsletters will be completed and ready for mailing no later than 10:00 a.m. the day following the meeting.

Council notes are forwarded to radio stations and local papers as soon as they are available.

Council is live on access channel and facebook and replayed on the access channel the following day.

Board of Equalization training.  Jorey and Lacey have until February 1 to complete.

Goals discussed.

KMS update at the next meeting.

Motion by Henning and second by Walker to pay bills.  Motion carried.

There being no further business, meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.


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