Redwood County Board Jan. 2 meeting notes

The following is a summary of the County Board meeting held January 2nd:


  • Salfer was elected as Chairman for 2018.
  • Groebner was elected as Vice-Chair for 2018.
  • Approved the agenda; December 26th minutes; bills.
  • Authorized the Board Chair to act on behalf of Redwood County in case of emergencies.
  • Adopted Roberts Rules of Order as the County Board meeting procedural guide.
  • R & B Bills.
  • Authorize Engineer to sign and pay permit fees as they apply to Redwood County Projects.
  • Approved no more than 22 days for Caraway to attend NACVSO meetings in 2018.
  • Directed Caraway to notify Administrator of any days Caraway will be absent from the office.
  • Adopted Resolution of Designation of Depositories.
  • Approved the 2018 liquor license to Expressway of Sanborn.
  • Adopted Resolution setting a minimum salary for elected officials.
  • The Board convened into Ditch Authority.
  • The Board elected Walling as Chair of Ditch Authority and Groebner as Vice Chair of Ditch Authority.
  • Public Hearing to consider the petition of Douglas Dahms to outlet into Lateral 2D of JD 36.  The Board approved the petition.
  • Approved a final 90 day extension for Mark and Jan Kelly to delay constructing a lateral to connect Lateral X of JD36.
  • The Board reconvened into regular session at 10:16 a.m.
  • Reviewed and made necessary changes to the Committee Appointments for 2018.
  • The Commissioners reported on their meeting attendance.
  • Adjourned at 11:02 a.m.

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