Redwood Falls to continue discussions with CentraCare about Redwood Area Hospital

For several weeks now, KLGR-area residents have been buzzing with rumors about the Redwood Area Hospital’s discussions with the healthcare firm CentraCare.

On Tuesday evening, the Redwood Falls City Council made several points clear: 1) the city and hospital are in good financial shape, and 2) the field of healthcare has gotten so big and complex in recent years that it is prudent for the city and hospital to explore all their options to maintain the level of care we’ve come to expect from the Redwood Area Hospital.

Toward that end, the council voted to approve continuing discussions with CentraCare to see what mutually beneficial options might be available.

Earlier this year, CentraCare became aligned with Rice Memorial Hospital in Willmar, and with ACMC, which maintains a clinic in Redwood Falls. The Redwood Area Hospital potentially becoming a part of CentraCare as well could give southwestern Minnesota more resources, and more leverage in negotiating with insurance companies and other providers.

Next Tuesday, Jan. 9, after the 5 p.m. news, KLGR radio will present an interview with Redwood Falls City Administrator Keith Muetzel, and Redwood Area Hospital CEO Bryan Lydick. We invite you to listen in to hear how the situation stands at present.

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