Agenda for the Dec. 26 Renville County Board meeting

I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
2. Pledge of Allegiance
Community Policing Award
Administration of Oath to Deputy Frank Wortham
II. Agenda Additions and/or corrections
III. Minutes Approval
1. Board of Commissioners – Regular Meeting – Dec 12, 2017 8:30 AM
IV. General Gov’t
1. Create Court Security Working Group
2. Creation of Buffer Committee
V. Public Works
1. Purchase Order # 6398 (Ziegler Inc.)
2. Resolution 41-17: Delegated Contracting Process Agreement with MnDOT
3. CP 2017-65543.1: Remove Debris at Bridge 65543 at the CSAH 1 MN River Overflow Bridge
4. SAP 065-599-073 Final Acceptance
5. SAP 065-599-071 Final Acceptance
VI. Environmental Services
1. Park Commission and Trail Committee Consolidation
2. Parks and Trails Committee Bylaws
3. Minnesota River Valley Recreation and Conservation Master Plan

4. Minnesota River Valley Master Plan Committee
5. Mining Program Services Agreement with Renville County SWCD
6. Rain Garden Program Services Agreement with Renville County SWCD
7. Rupp, Anderson, Squires & Waldspurger, P.A. – Retainer Agreement for Legal Services (2018)
8. Resolution 42-17 Middle Minnesota Watershed SSTS Loan Project
VII. Auditor-Treasurer
1. Consider Tax Penalty Abatement Policy
2. Rescind Resolution 34-17 CD 59 Improvement Auditors Lien
VIII. Attorney
1. Approve Professional Services Agreement Between MCCC and Strategic Technologies Inc.
IX. Human Resources
1. Completion of Probationary Period, Assistant Deputy Registrar
2. Approve Hiring, Parks Manager
3. Accept Resignation, Material Sorter
4. Authorize Advertising and Hiring, Material Sorter
5. Springsted Evaluation, Social Worker Team Leader
6. Authorize Advertising and Hiring, Social Worker Team Leader
X. Administration/Finance
1. County Depositories/Custodian Pledged Security
2. Local Depository
3. Checking/Payroll Accounts
4. Fund Transfer (Road & Bridge to Debt Service Fund)
5. Ditch Fund- General Fund Advance/Loan
6. Loan to RRRSWA Fund
7. 2018 Environmental Assessment

8. Fund Transfer (Property & Casualty Fund to Revenue Fund)
9. RRRSWA Loan
10. Creation of Labor Management Committee
11. Review Final PrimeHealth Bylaws
12. Set Citizen Advisory Committee Per Diem Rates
13. Resolution 43-17 2018 Salaries of Elected Officials
14. 2018-2020 Non-Union Salary Schedule
15. Approval of Claims
XI. Closed Session
1. Closed Session: Labor Negotiations Strategy (M.S. 13D.03)
XII. Reports
XIII. Adjournment

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