Redwood County Board summary for Dec. 12 meeting

County Board Summary for December 12, 2017
The following is a summary of the County Board meeting held December 12, 2017:

Approved the agenda; Amended November 7th minutes; November 28th minutes; bills.
Entered into Ditch Authority and set hearing date and times for CD 23, 68, 68 LAT A, 41, 70, 93 and 42.
·         Approved the Auditor-Treasurer consent agenda items: Cash Balance Report; Investment Summary; Budget Reports; and November, 2017 Disbursements.

Wilms presented an overview of SWHHS since she became the new director.
·         Approved CUP #16-17 for an extractional permit for G. Bitker-J. Labat.

·         Approved CUP #17-17 for an extractional permit for M. Rasmussen.

·         Awarded Houston Engineering for the Cottonwood River Dam Project.

·         Adopted the Minnesota River Valley Master Plan with Renville County.

·         Wold informed the Board of the Grant award in the amount of $301,435 for the Plum Creek Park Development project.

·         Approved to establish a Joint County Committee with Renville County for the MN River Valley Master Plan.

·         Approved R & B Bills in the amount of $1,250.

·         Approved the State of Minnesota Agency Agreement.

·         Adopted Resolution for the Agency Agreement.

·         Caraway reported to the Board on the anticipated travel days for NACVSO in 2018.

·         Approved to set the 2018 Board Meeting dates.

·         Approved the Elected Officials Out of State Travel Policy.

·         Approved the Amendment to the Land Purchase Agreement with Robert LeSage for the Veterans Cemetery.

·         Approved the Land Purchase Agreement with Dean Swigart for the Veterans Cemetery.

·         Approved the 2018 Tobacco License renewals.

·         The Board reviewed the Plum Creek Library System Agreement and made no revisions.

·         The Board reviewed the November 2017 Jail Population.

·         Approved 2017 Contract with American Communications in the amount of $13,500.

·         Approved the job description for the Restorative Justice Assistant Position and set salary at Grade 8.

·         Approved the Safe Assure Contract Renewal.

·         Adopted Resolution setting elected officials 2018 salaries.

·         Salden presented the AMC Recognition Award that the CAC received at the AMC Winter Conference.

·           Adjourned at 12:50 p.m.

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