Fit for Trial? Mental Exam Today for Wendy Sorenson

The rural New Ulm woman accused of knowing about the sexual misconduct against her daughters and doing nothing to protect them was scheduled to undergo a mental examination today.

The exam is to determine whether 45-year-old Wendy Sorenson is competent to stand trial on charges of child endangerment.

Meantime, the judge has made several ruling regarding motions made by Sorenson.

Sorenson asked that a videotape allegedly showing her involved in bestiality with a pet dog not be allowed at trial and the judge agreed and granted her motion.

The judge said the video does have relevance on “the nature of the home environment” that Sorenson created/allowed, but there is significant risk that the “jury would be repulsed by the video and become fixated on it, to the point of not being able to consider the other evidence.”

However, the judge also ruled witnesses will be allowed to discuss the contents of the bestiality video in their testimony.

Sorenson had also asked to have the trial moved out of Nicollet County, saying she couldn’t get a fair trial locally because of the media coverage. The judge denied that request and denied the request from Sorenson that the public and press be banned from pretrial hearings.

Sorenson’s estranged husband, 56-year-old Robert Sorenson, is set to go to trial in February for criminal sexual conduct and interfering with the privacy of a minor.

According to the complaint, Robert Sorenson had sexual contact with one of Wendy’s daughters numerous times in 2013 when she was under the age of 16. Some of the incidents happened at their home in Nicollet County. Another took place at a hotel in Willmar, where he also allegedly provided her with marijuana first.

With the other daughter, he allegedly set up a hidden camera to videotape her while she took a bath and he stole her dirty underwear.

Text messages show that after the incident, the girl told her mom, and Wendy replied that she was sick of the accusations against Robert and that the girl was “one lucky little sh*t…spoiled.”

Police say during the investigation, a search of the Sorenson’s home turned up videos of Robert and Wendy engaged in sexual acts with each other and with others. Police say videos of bestiality that involved the Sorensons and their family pet, a black lab named Shadow, were also found.  Charges for that were not brought because the statute of limitations had expired.

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