Child neglect and mistreatment rises in SW MN

The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) has released its annual report on child maltreatment in the state and it shows that there were 459 alleged victims in Blue Earth County last year.

Of those cases, 361 were screened in as neglect, 113 as physical abuse and 41 as sexual abuse.

The largest number of victims among age groups in Blue Earth County was birth to two-years-old, which accounted for a fourth of all cases with 114 alleged victims.

In Brown County, there were 237 alleged victims of child maltreatment last year, with 128 screened in as neglect, 88 as physical abuse and 33 as sexual abuse.

In Nicollet County, there were 152 alleged victims of child maltreatment last year, with 97 screened in as neglect, 43 as physical abuse and 11 as sexual abuse.

Statewide, there were nearly 40,000 alleged victims of child maltreatment in 2016, as the number of screened-in reports rose 25% from the year previous.

DHS says the vast majority of reports of maltreatment that come in to local agencies are from mandated reporters, which includes the likes of health care workers, school staff and child care providers.

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