Summary of the Nov. 8 Morton City Council meeting

November 8, 2017:
Regular meeting called to order in open session. Prescott absent. Others present: None.
CITIZEN ISSUES: A letter was received via email with concerns about a neighbor on Main Street.
Concerns include: parking in a manner which blocks the sidewalk, concern about operation of a shop in
the garage he recently acquired and concern about the possibility of additional structures on the property.
The Sheriff’s Office was contacted about the fish house blocking the alley. As of this time, it has
been relocated.
Regarding the operation of a shop. It is the council’s understanding that at this time, the garage is
being used for repair of the owner’s personal vehicles. In the event a business is being considered, a public
hearing would be required.
As of this time, no permit applications have been requested or completed for additional buildings
on the property.
Council reviewed and discussed the ordinances in place regarding parking.
SECRETARY’S REPORT: Motion by Jacobson and second by Henning to approve the secretary’s report
as presented. Motion carried.
TREASURER’S REPORT: Motion by Walker and second by Henning to approve the treasurer’s reports
as presented. Motion carried.
Pipe Installed: The pipe and electrical have now been buried.
Tiling Update: No update. It is possible it is being postponed until the ground is froze.
SCHOOL DEMOLITION PROJECT: The bonding bill is being prepared for presentation in February.
One condition that must be met is that the property title must be in the city’s name. Motion by Jacobson
to transfer ownership of the school from MVHLC to the City of Morton, contingent on attorney review to
facilitate the state bonding bill process. Second by Henning. Motion carried.
EDA RECOMMENDATIONS: One recommendation at this time: to approve the sale of Mama’s
Massage to River Valley Groom & Spa with a $10,000 loan at 2% for 10 years. Motion by Walker and second
by Henning to approve as recommended. Motion carried.
TIF ASSISTANCE FOR HARVESTLAND: Details are not yet completed.
SURVEYING UPDATE: Surveyors are in town. Completion date for the project is unknown at this
time – it will partially depend on weather.

PARKING POLICY: We have a semi driver living in a residential area asking for permission
to park his semi at his residence to allow it to be plugged in when the weather is cold. Council
reviewed the policy and discussed other alternatives and locations that may be more suitable
and properly zoned.
ACTIVITIES UPDATE: Review of the MEA camp that was held and the other activities
that are scheduled with Joseph Evans.
GAMBLING LICENSE: Motion by Walker and second by Jacobson to approve a gambling
permit for St. John’s Catholic Church to conduct bingo on November 18. Motion carried.
WATER/SEWER: The computer is up and running and reports will be completed soon.
SANITATION: R & E Sanitation will be taking over as of January 1.
STREETS: Reminder that snow season is coming soon – residents are asked to have vehicles
off the streets when plowing is underway.
POLICE: No summary statement available. No issues at this time.
Building Update: A revised cost estimate and financing proposal was received. Discussion
on the impact the changes has on the budget. A new and updated draft budget was presented.
The new draft has an increase in the fees charged to townships for fire service. It was
agreed that the townships should be invited to a public hearing to discuss this proposal. Motion
by Walker to schedule a public hearing for December 13 at 7:30 p.m. for the purpose of
discussing the fire hall project. Second by Jacobson. Motion carried. Council agreed to start the
council meeting at 6:30 p.m. on December 13 to give ample time for discussion and decision
Smoke Detectors: The Morton Fire Department and Red Cross are working together to
provide up to three free smoke detectors per household. Sign up to receive them will begin at
the steak fry on November 17. The Fire Department will be assisting with installation. Anyone
in our fire district is eligible. Details are in the newsletter.
TRUTH IN TAXATION HEARING: The hearing has been scheduled for December 13 at
7:00 p.m. Council is encouraged to become familiar with the budget so they are prepared to
answer questions and address concerns. Residents who have questions and concerns are encouraged
to attend.
2017 IN REVIEW: Council should review the information presented and be prepared to
finalize at the next meeting.
2018 GOALS: Mayor Farmer added as a goal we should be pursuing grants to complete
projects and improve our community. Another goal needs to be forming a committee to take
over the July 4 event.
BOARD OF EQUALIZATION TRAINING: Jorey and Lacey still need to complete the training.
PAY BILLS: Motion by Jacobson and second by Walker to pay bills. Motion carried.
ADJOURN: There being no further discussion, meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

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