Notes from the Oct. 11 Morton City Council meeting

Regular meeting called to order in open session at 7:00 p.m.  Jorey Prescott absent.  Others present:  Owen Todd, Ben Mammen, Deb Mammen.


5A-Water Drainage – Owen Todd

8E-Beer License Renewal for Morton BP

8F-RADC Membership

10A(a) Reporting – computer needs

11B(c) Required Contribution


PRESENTERS:  Water Drainage:  Owen Todd present to discuss the water drainage issues at the east end of town.  Owen explained that the purpose of the vertical pipe is to draw out ground water, to dry out the water that is following the sewer lines.  He explained that he would like to have it go through a complete freeze to thaw cycle to see how the surface freeze impacts it.  Discussion on impact it has had on residents in the area so far.

Ben Mammen presented an updated proposal from Alvan Sander & Sons for tiling.  Cost of the tiling is estimated at $2066.25 plus the pump of $786.03.  By installing the tile 7’ down, there will be more property owners seeing benefit.  Ben explained that he doesn’t have a year to wait to see if the vertical pipe works or not.  His yard is useless.  He continues to lose trees and landscaping.  If the council chooses not to move forward he indicated that people would be attending the truth in taxation hearing since they are paying taxes on property that has been reduced in value due to the water.

Owen explained the issues on the table: (1) Ground Water:  This is the water we hope to reduce with the vertical pipe (2) Surface water:  This water should be controlled and managed via a ditch or storm sewer.

Owen recommended that if the council chooses to approve proceeding with proposal Mammen presented, that it not be connected into the vertical pipe but use a separate casing and a separate pump.

Owen is recommending that a survey of the area affected by water be completed.  The cost of the survey is estimated at $22,000-28,000.  The survey would be a comprehensive plan to address the problems and develop a plan for resolving them.  He would see the survey being completed yet this fall.

If the council moves forward with the tiling proposal as presented, the council is setting a precedence.  If the council simply provides an easement to Ben for going across city property to the ditch, they are also setting that precedence.

Review of the discussions at the time of the sewer project.  There was a recommendation to install a tile line in these areas.  Rural Development denied use of their funds for that part of the project.  Rural Development has been made aware of the issues we are currently having.  Further discussions will take place with them.

Motion by Jacobson to install a single tile line from the ditch along Brook Drive across the southern part of the lot behind the pump house and to grant an easement to Ben Mammen to tie into the tile at the alley.  Second by Walker.  Motion carried.

Motion by Henning and second by Jacobson to authorize proceeding with burying the pipe and the electrical line by the pump house that was recently installed.  Motion carried.  Council recommended having TNT do the work since they installed the pipe.

Motion by Walker and second by Henning to authorize Bolten & Menk to complete the survey as recommended at an estimated cost of $22,000-$28,000.  Motion carried.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Motion by Jacobson and second by Walker to approve the Secretary’s report as presented.  Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Motion by Walker and second by Jacobson to approve the Treasurer’s report as presented.  Motion carried.


SCHOOL DEMOLITION:  A bonding bill is being prepared for presentation in February.  Further updates as they become available. Discussion on ownership of the building and the process that will need to be in place when the bonding bill moves forward.

TAX FORFEITURE PROPERTY:   Motion by Jacobson to work with the Morton EDA to purchase parcel #34-00301-00 with the intent to transfer the property to the adjoining property owner for economic development.  Second by Walker.  Motion carried.

RAILROAD SUPPORT:   Motion by Jacobson and second by Henning to approve the letter and resolution 05-2017 in support of the Tiger Grant for Minnesota Valley Regional Rail Authority.  Motion carried.

BUSINESS SUBSIDY POLICY:  Policy presented at the last meeting and tabled.  Motion by Jacobson and second by Walker to approve as presented.  Motion carried.

Discussion on the Harvestland application for use of TIF.  Further discussion at the next meeting when the agreement is prepared and ready for execution.

MORTON BP BEER LICENSE:  Motion by Walker and second by Henning to approve renewal of the beer license for Morton BP.  Motion carried.

RADC MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL.  Motion by Jacobson and second by Henning to deny the request for membership renewal at this time.  Motion carried.


MVHLC will be hosting an activity on October 20th (during MEA).  Details are in the newsletter.


Water/Sewer:  With the water/sewer reporting not being completed by People Service after November, Jason will need to be responsible for the online reporting.  To do that he will need a computer suitable for completing these tasks.  Motion by Walker and second by Henning to approve the purchase of a desktop computer for Jason from BusinessWare Solutions for $1127.  Motion carried.

FEMA Update:  There was approximately $60,000 of damage from the September rains.  Since the area was declared part of a disaster, there will be reimbursement of 75% of the expenses.

VEHICLE NOISE SIGNS:  Cost of the signs and installation is $2019.76.  Motion by Jacobson and second by Henning to table at this time and address at a later date if necessary due to the costs.  Motion carried.


Police:  No activity report for review at this time.  The contract states that there will be a quarterly review of the service being provided.  This review can be completed by the Administrator and will be invited to council meetings as the council deems necessary.

Fire:  Fire Hall Update: No updated numbers available at this time.

Statement of Position from the State Auditor:  For Council and Department review:  The statement is a reminder and a refresher of funds belonging to relief association and those belonging to the city.

Required Contribution:  Based on an amended report, there will be a mandatory contribution due during 2017 of $1034.00 This will be paid to the relief association when state aid arrives.  Review of budget and history of past amendments that occurred.  Discussion on reporting and meeting deadlines.


Budget 2018:  Truth in Taxation Hearing is scheduled for December 13.  Council will be discussing 2017 in review and 2018 goals at the next two meetings.  Council should be prepared.

Board of Equalization:  Jorey and Lacey still need to complete the online training.

BusinessWare Proposal:  Cost of a wireless access point for city hall $723.54.  Motion by Jacobson and second by Henning to approve.  Motion carried.

Sandy Walker thanked Jason for going above and beyond to help residents. Sandy also relayed a compliment from an agency regarding the City Clerk going out of her way to assist residents.

Pay Bills:  Motion by Walker and second by Jacobson to pay bills.  Motion carried.

On motion meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.


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