Sibley County Woman Charged with Threatening to Poison Ex with Arsenic

A 42-year-old Henderson woman is due in court Thursday, Oct. 10, on allegations she threatened to kill her ex.

Michelle Lee Blair is charged with two felony counts of pattern of stalking conduct.

The Sibley County Sheriff’s Office says its investigation determined that Blair was behind more than 200 text messages and phone calls to her ex-boyfriend and his father. Among the alleged messages were ones threatening to end her ex’s life by putting arsenic in his food. The man was so concerned about the threats, he did go to the hospital to see if he was being poisoned.

Authorities also say Blair set up fake Facebook pages pretending to be her ex and the ex’s new girlfriend.

Authorities also note that the ex had been granted a restraining order against Blair in May and that is in effect until July of 2019.

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