Agenda for Renville County Board meeting for Oct. 10

I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
2. Pledge of Allegiance
Employee Service Awards
Recess for Human Services Board Meeting
II. Agenda Additions and/or corrections
III. Minutes Approval
1. Board of Commissioners – Regular Meeting – Sep 26, 2017 8:30 AM
IV. Emergency Management
1. Resolution 30-17, Declaring a State of Emergency
V. Public Works
1. Update: Road & Bridge
2. Purchase Order 6361 Structural Specialties, Inc.
3. Purchase Order 6357 TNT Construction/Kerkhoff, Inc.
4. Bird Island Township Maintenance Request
5. 2017 CSAH 4 Completion Date Modification Due to August Rains
6. Motion to Approve $9,400 per Acre for Permanent Right of Way Easement for the 2018 CSAH 4 Reconstruc
VI. Auditor/Treasurer
1. Resolution 26-17 in Support of the County’s Voting Equipment Grant Application
VII. Environmental Services

1. Resolution 29-17 Drift Runners, Inc. – FY 2018 Maintenance and Grooming
2. Contracting with SWCD for Feedlot Duties
VIII. Drainage Authority
1. Resolution 24-17, Judicial Ditch 15 Lat M Improvement Bond
2. Contracting with H2O Viewers for the Ditch Systems
IX. Sheriff
1. TZD Grant Subcontract
X. Human Resources
1. Employee Service Awards
2. Springsted Evaluation – Lead Eligibility Worker
3. Authorize Hiring, Lead Eligibility Worker
4. Completion of Probationary Period, County Administrator
5. Completion of Probationary Period, Child Support Officer
6. Accept Resignation, part-time on-call Dispatcher
7. Accept Resignation, part-time on-call Dispatcher
8. Authorize Advertising and Hiring, part-time on-call Dispatcher
9. Accept Resignation, Corrections Sergeant
10. Authorize Advertising and Hiring, Corrections Officer
11. Authorize Advertising and Hiring, Temporary Patrol Deputy
12. Authorize Advertising and Hiring, Patrol Deputy
XI. Administration
1. Approval of Claims
2. Lease agreement- Central MN Jobs & Training Services, Inc.
3. Consider Publication of Summary Board Minutes
4. Minnesota Valley Regional Rail Authority Grant Funding Application
5. Summary of County Administrator Performance Evaluation

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