Redwood County’s Lauren Zeug Selected as Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador

Minnesota 4-H- State Ambassador, Lauren Zeug of Morgan, MN.

Lauren Zeug is 1 of 28 outstanding Minnesota 4-H youth who have been selected as Minnesota 4-H State Ambassadors for 2017-18. Elected through a meticulous selection process by 4-H adults and youth, this year’s group of state ambassadors will serve as spokespeople for the youth development organization, representing more than 65,000 of their 4-H peers throughout Minnesota.

The Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador Program began in 1968 and over 1000 youth have participated since its founding. Throughout the year, state ambassador responsibilities include:

  • Educating youth and adults about the importance of youth development, leadership, citizenship, service, teamwork, and other invaluable life skills.
  • Teaching and facilitating hands-on workshops and trainings at the local, county, regional, and state levels.
  • Appearing at various events, including the Minnesota State Fair, where they serve as goodwill volunteers, greeting thousands of visitors to the 4-H Building and helping 4-H youth throughout their stay as fair exhibitors.
  • Planning and implementing various local, regional, and statewide 4-H leadership events such as the annual 4-H Building Leadership and Understanding and 4-H Youth Exploring Leadership and Learning Out loud! youth leadership conferences.

The state ambassadors will begin the year with a three-day orientation at the University of Minnesota to learn about roles and responsibilities, media/public communications, leadership core skills, program priority areas, and identify some of their personal strengths as a leader.

Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador Lauren is the child of Brenda and Paul Zeug and lives in Morgan, Minnesota. Lauren is entering her senior year at Cedar Mountain High School where she is an active member of FFA, Plays, Cross Country, Track, STARS program, Yellow Ribbon Program, Band, National Honor Society, and, W.E.. Locally, Lauren is equally involved in her community including 4-H, volunteering within her church, Westside Center volunteer, plays piano at nursing facilities, and she is a leader in her 4-H club and the Redwood County Ambassador program! Lauren has been a member of the Golden Gophers Community 4-H Club for 11 years in Redwood County where her leadership abilities first came to the community’s attention.

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