Mankato Man Warns Police “I’ll Go Back to Burglarizing If You Keep Pulling Me Over”

A 32-year-old Mankato man with a long history of driving without a license has allegedly warned Mankato police that if they don’t stop giving him tickets, he’ll turn back to a life of crime.

According to charges filed Tuesday, Sept. 12 for his latest driving after revocation violation, Timothy Garth Hansen Jr. was pulled over on August 23rd and told the officer that he doesn’t plan to stop driving, but if police continue to pull him over and he’s unable to work, he’ll start burglarizing again.

Hansen has posted to Southern Minnesota News that “I’m not a bad guy, I’m just a man who wants to go to work everyday and go home to live in peace.”

In all, Hansen’s been charged with driving after suspension nearly 50 times, with 33 of those cases leading to convictions. He also has another 8 cases pending in Nicollet, Blue Earth and Jackson counties.

In the Jackson County case, he’s accused of going 128 miles per hour and crashing his car while on his way from Mankato to Iowa to pick up his girlfriend.

Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott says his office has been and will continue to seek jail time for Hansen, but driving after revocation is recognized by the courts as an administrative conviction, which means it’s a payable offense.

In addition to the driver’s license issues, Hansen’s criminal history includes convictions for theft, receiving stolen property, assault, child endangerment, fleeing police and financial transaction card fraud.

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