Redwood County Board meeting summary for August 15

The following is a summary of the County Board meeting held August 16, 2016:


Approved the revised agenda; August 1st minutes; bills.
·         Recognized Michael Ingebretson, Sheriff’s Dept. for 15 Years of Service, Susan Bowen, Sheriff’s Dept. for 10 years of Service, James Sandgren, Sheriff’s Dept. for 25 years of service and Marvin Gilb, Hwy. Dept. for 20 Years of Service.

·         4H aquatic invasive species group presented an aquabotic project to the Board.

·         Overby and Kling presented an overview of the 2016 Lincoln-Pipestone Rural Water audit.

·         Bernhardson and Potter presented the 2018 Redwood Soil and Water Budget Report and annual update.

·         Tibbetts presented concerns that a snowmobile trail is prohibiting access to his property.  No action was taken.

·         Approved the Capital Improvement Plan years 2017-2021.

·         Approved Out of State Travel request for Caraway to the Virgin Islands for a NASDVA Annual Conference from August 26-31, 2017.

·         Approved Out of State Travel Request for Caraway to Washington D.C. to attend a bill signing by the President not to exceed one day out of the office.

·         Caraway presented quote for removing wrap on Veterans Bus and selling the bus.  He also presented other options for utilizing the bus.  No action taken.

·         Caraway updated the Board on the delay of the Veterans Cemetery project.

·         Reviewed the July 2017 Jail Population.

·         Approved the State of Minnesota Safe and Secure Courthouse Initiative Grant Agreement in the amount of $12,500 with a 50% match by Redwood County.

·         Approved purchase of a Panic/Duress Alarm System in the amount of $12,550 from Secure Tech Systems, Inc.  Grant money will be utilized.

·         Awarded the purchase of a lawn tractor to Kibble Equipment in the amount of $19,877.80 for the Maintenance Dept.

Approved the Auditor-Treasurer consent agenda items: Cash Balance Report; Investment Summary; Budget Reports; and July, 2017 Disbursements.
Approved a letter of support for Advantenon, Inc. submission of the border to border Broadband grant application.
Approved to hire Michelle Koenig as FT Payroll/Safety Technician effective August 16, 2017 at Grade 9, Step 1 of the non-union salary schedule at $16.75/hour.
Approved to hire Keith Berndt as FT County Engineer effective August 16, 2017 at Grade 21, Step 9 of the non-union salary schedule at $109,428.80/year and will be given 10 years credit for purpose of vacation hour accrual due to experience.
Approved purchase of Payroll and Human Resources Information System from Paycom in the amount of $23,366.66 for the first year and $18,108.66/year for each subsequent year.
Trojanowski presented the 2017 funding request.  Area librarians reported on services offered and benefits of their local libraries.
Approved engineering services for Bridge #89823, CSAH 8 to WSN.
Approved purchase of a WR75 Packer in the amount of $9,667 and Retriever Disc in the amount of $11,827.92 from Ziegler Cat.
Authorized bid letting date of 9-12-17 at 2:00 p.m. for SAP #064-602-024, SAP #064-603-007 and SAP #064-702-003.
Land Bid rejected and authorized  to let bids a second time on Parcel #60-020-4060 for 3.91 acres of land on September 13, 2017 at 2:00 p.m.
Adopted resolution appointing Mike Carlson and Jay Mickelson to the Red Rock Rural Water System Board of Commissioners.
Approved the Professional Services Contracts between Redwood County and Steve Gramstad and Amber Tisue for drug testing for Probation Department.
Approved License Center Copier Lease Agreement with Marco in the amount of $93.70/month.
Approved DOC JP Agreement for Secretarial Services effective July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018 in the amount of $85,960.33.
Salfer updated the Board on rental rates for the Southwest Health and Human Services building.
The commissioners reported on meetings they attended.
·         Adjourned at 2:36 p.m.

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