Notes from the Aug. 9 Morton City Council meeting

AUGUST 9, 2017:

Regular meeting called to order in open session at 7:00 p.m. Jorey Prescott absent. Others present: Dan Haase, Aaron Scheffler and Marilyn Vogl.

Additions to the agenda were identified on the updated agenda. They are as follows:

8C) Water Drainage-Centennial & First Street

8D) Street Improvements – Centennial Drive

8E) East Morton Water Drainage Project Update

8F) School Building Condition

8G) Permits

9B) MVHLC Commitment of Funding

9C) SIDS Resolution

The Public Hearing to consider conditional use for Parcel 34-00752 was opened and will remain open until later in the meeting. The discussion will take place at 7:30 p.m. as scheduled and posted.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Motion by Walker and second by Henning to approve the Secretary’s Report for July 12 and 26 as presented. Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Motion by Jacobson and second by Walker to approve the Financial Statements as presented. Motion carried.


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Motion by Jacobson and second by Henning to approve submitting a grant application for utility extension at the east end of town to accommodate for future development opportunities and street improvements on Centennial Drive. Motion carried. The grant is a 50% grant.

SMALL CITIES HOUSING UPDATE: A town meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 7 beginning at 6:00 p.m. at Morton City Hall. Anyone interested in applying for housing improvements should plan to attend. Applications will be available at this time. If homeowners are unable to attend, applications will be available at City Hall beginning on September 8th.

WATER DRAINAGE – CENTENNIAL DRIVE/FIRST STREET: Harvestland is currently discussing options with Bolten & Menk of how to complete their development without creating additional water issues for adjoining properties. Council will receive a plan once it is completed.

STREET IMPROVEMENTS – CENTENNIAL DRIVE: With the development occurring at the elevator, making Centennial Drive a street suitable for truck traffic may be necessary. Further discussion as information becomes available.

EAST MORTON DRAINAGE: TNT Construction has been in town and has been having discussions with Bolten & Menk. Discussion on project costs and setting a cap. Motion by Jacobson and second by Walker to set the cap on the costs for the project as identified at the last meeting at $15,000 with further discussions if additional repairs are deemed necessary to complete the project. Motion carried.

SCHOOL BUILDING DETERIORATION: There is vandalism and trespassing going on. There are health and safety hazards and the building is hampering further development of Step Saver. Council agreed to begin active conversations with MVHLC and possible funding sources to pursue demolition.

Marilyn Vogl expressed her concern about the appearance of the property. Council agreed to look at it.



FINANCIAL COMMITMENT FOR YOUTH ACTIVITIES: During the 2017 budget process the council agreed to commit $3,000 to MVHLC for youth activities which at that time were defined as the summer day camp. Since then plans had changed and they are considering activities during the year rather than all during the summer. Motion by Jacobson to rescind the motion from the previous meeting committing $70/local child to contribute the $3,000 as previously committed. Second by Walker. Motion carried. The council will not have a specific commitment in the 2018 budget for youth activities.

PUBLIC HEARING: Purpose: To consider conditional use for Parcel #34-00732. Original Plat, Lot 9, Block 4. The property is currently zoned R-2 and its use is currently for the mobile recycling. Dan Haase and Aaron Scheffler presented a plan to construct a 20’x130’ storage unit. 15 units-4-10’x10’ and 11 10’x20’. The building would be 10’ off of the alley, 10’ off of Centennial Drive, 20’ off of Third Street with the openings toward Third Street. The trees between this property and the adjoining property to the north would remain to provide a buffer. There being no public input or questions, the council will continue to review the information and make a determination before the end of the meeting.

RESOLUTION: Motion by Jacobson and second by Henning to approve Resolution 03-2017 supporting the goals of the National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Motion carried.


WATER/SEWER: Council received a copy of the Sanitary Survey Report for the Public Water System as conducted by the Department of Health.

SANITATION: Council should come prepared to the next meeting with a place to relocate the recycling bins to.

STREETS: No issues

PARK: The campers in the park are completing their stay. There were no issues with them being there. Review of the public input received.




Committee Meeting: Council received the notes from the committee meeting that was held. Present were: Tony Mages, Tyler Serbus, Greg Deinken, Rick Farmer, Shirley Dove, Lyle Prior (Finance) and Ken Kuehl (Morton Buildings).

Agreement: Council received a copy of the Design and Development Agreement. The agreement was originally prepared committing the city to proceeding with the project. As it is amended the agreement only commits to preparation of plans and specs with costs so budgeting can be prepared and public meetings can be held. By signing this agreement we will be committing to $5,000 of expenses for preparation of the plans. Motion by Jacobson and second by Henning to authorize signing and executing the Design and Development Agreement with Municipal Development & Funding and issuance of $5,000 payment for the services as identified in the agreement. Motion carried.

Schedule: All documents will be prepared for council review and will not be executed until council and the city attorney have reviewed them. Even though a public hearing is not required, the city has been advised that scheduling a public meeting is strongly recommended. Budget numbers will need to be available to be included in the 2018 budget. Until the hearing is completed and the numbers are put into the budget the project will not be able to move forward. Final budget will be adopted in December.


BUDGET 2018:

Reviews: Update by Farmer. Review of goals and plans. Council agreed that both full time people should begin logging their activities as a means for council to plan for the future.

Rate Adjustments: To be completed when the draft budget is approved.

Levy Comparisons: Spreadsheet provided as a result of questions presented following the last meeting. Copies are available at city hall.

Draft Budget: Council needs to be prepared to adopt the draft at the next meeting. Discussion on including dollars for demolition. The numbers can be put in the draft with the promise and intent to reduce the budget by December.

PAY BILLS: Motion by Jacobson and second by Walker to pay bills as presented. Motion carried.


Motion by Walker and second by Henning to close the conditional use public hearing. Motion carried.

Motion by Jacobson to sell Lot 9, Block 4 to Aaron Scheffler and Dan Haase for $1.00 with the condition that development occur within one year. Motion carried.

Motion by Henning and second by Walker to approve conditional use for Lot 9, Block 4 as previously discussed. Motion carried.

PERMITS: Motion by Walker and second by Jacobson to approve the permit application as presented for storage units on Lot 9, Block 4. Motion carried.

Motion by Walker and second by Jacobson to approve the permit application presented by Jason Nelson for a storage shed. Motion carried.

There being no further business, meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

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