Lake Crystal man steals $11K in jewelry, advertises it on Facebook

A 28-year-old man from Lake Crystal has been charged with a felony count of theft after allegedly stealing nearly $11,000 worth of jewelry.

Police say Aaron Charles Naatz took the jewelry from a home in St. Clair this past December, while he was working for Orkin Pest Control and at the home to take care of a mouse problem. Naatz was at the home alone during the work, as the woman who had been living there had been moved to a nursing home in Mankato.

The theft came to light when the jewelry was put up for sale on a Facebook sales site and a worker at Exclusively Diamonds recognized the pieces as one she had sold to the victim.

The family and police were notified and Naatz was arrested when undercover officers set up a meeting at the Fleet Farm in Owatonna to purchase one of the pieces of jewelry.

According to the complaint, Naatz claims he never stolen from any other residence while working for Orkin.

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