City of Fairfax approves Fort Ridgely golf course actions

The city of Fairfax took a number of actions Tuesday evening toward its taking over management of the 89 year old Fort Ridgely golf course, which the state plans to close in several months. In addition, the state legislature plans several actions to make it easier for Fairfax to manage the golf course.

On Tuesday evening, City Administrator Marcia Seibert-Volz stated the city has received $26,425 in pledges toward the $100,000 capital campaign for necessary maintenance equipment and supplies for the city to operate the golf course.

In addition, State Senator Andrew Lang and State Representative Tim Miller announced they have introduced separate bills into the Senate and House of Representatives requiring the Minnesota State Department of Natural Resources to negotiate a lease with the city of Fairfax to manage the golf course.

The lease would include similar conditions to the golf course lease that the DNR has with the city of Minneapolis for the golf course at Fort Snelling State Park, which does not require park permits, allows golf cart rentals and permits the selling of beer.

The council authorized a city enterprise fund to manage the golf course operations separate from the city and its other enterprise funds.  The funds raised from the capital fund drive would be deposited into the golf course enterprise account to cover the start-up costs without incurring any debt and minimize any lease fees.

A committee of seven members was appointed to serve on the management committee, including two CPAs and others with significant business and golf course management experience.  Ralph Fairchild will represent the city council on the committee, as well as the city administrator, Marcia Seibert-Volz.

For additional information, contact Fairfax City Administrator, Marcia Seibert-Volz at 507-426-7255.

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