Agenda for Springfield City Council meeting, Jan. 17



2.     OATH OF OFFICE – Mayor Lowell Helget, Council Ward 1 John Mueller and Council Ward 2 Chett Bisel





A.     City Manager Memo on Agenda Items      Pg 1

B.     December 20, 2016 Minutes       Pg 9

C.     Auditing Claims and Investment Worksheet     Pg 14

D.     December 31, 2016 Quarterly Report General Fund Revenues/Expenses  Pg 26

E.     Appoint City Officials for Two Years – Manager, Clerk, Treasurer, Assessor,

Zoning Administrator and City Attorney

F.     Establish Regular Council Meetings – Third Tuesdays November to March 5:15 PM

and April to October 7:00 PM

G.     Res. Designating Springfield Advance Press as Official Newspaper   Pg 62

H.     Res. Approving Official Depositories      Pg 63

I.     Set Attorney Salary at Budget – $2,600/month

J.     January 4, 2017 Charter Commission Minutes     Pg 64

K.     December 2016 Police Monthly Report      Pg 65

L.     January 4, 2017 Pool Task Force Minutes     Pg 71

M.     January 10, 2017 Library Board Meeting Minutes    Pg 73

N.     December 13, 2016 EDA Meeting Minutes     Pg 74

O.     Res Expressing Acceptance of and Appreciation for 2016 Library Donations Pg 75

P.     December 31, 2016 Rec Complex 2nd Half Operating Expenses $9,732.67

Q.     December 20, 2016 Community Facilities Board Minutes    Pg 76

R.     November 28, 2016 PUC Minutes      Pg 77

S.     December 2016 Ambulance Report      Pg 79

T.     January 10, 2017 Team Captains Minutes     Pg 80

U.     December 19, 2016 Email from AJ Kurth, LMCIT – Ambulance Repeater Loss Pg 82

V.     November 2016 Gambling Report – on file at city hall

W.     December 28, 2016 MPCA Letter Regarding WWTP Permit Application  Pg 84

X.     December 30, 2016 USDA Letter to Travis Richert – Program Eligibility   Pg 86


Y.     Proposed Ordinance Amendment Letter from Dean Rans    Pg 92

Z.     Thank You from Tom Lang Family      Pg 93

AA.     Tree/Shrub Trimming/Snow Removal List     Pg 94



A.     Review Quotes for Pool Improvements – USAquatics    Pg 95

B.     Ordinance 415 Ambulance Rate Change for Base and Mileage   Pg 118

C.     Ordinance Amending Zoning Ordinance – Second Reading   Pg 119

D.     Storm Sewer Utility Scenarios       Pg 120

E.     Street Dept Plow Truck Purchase      Pg 125

F.     Res. Establishing Salary/Wage Schedule for 2017 and Beyond   Pg 158

G.     Res. Establishing Assignment of Pay Range & Step Schedule for 2017  Pg 160

H.     Community Center HVAC Final Payment

I.     East End Park Restroom Payment



A.     Appoint Council President

B.     Council Appointments       Pg 161

C.     Boards/Commission Appointments/Fire and Ambulance Officers   Pg 162

D.     Street Department Air Lines for Shop      Pg 167

E.     Bike Share Program        Pg 169

F.     Rec Complex Lawnmower Purchase      Pg 176

G.     City Hall Copier Machine Quote      Pg 178

H.     Ambulance Department Copier Machine Quote     Pg 186

I.     Ambulance Cot Child Restraint System      Pg 189

J.     Authorize Library Grant Applications for 2017     Pg 191

K.     Consider Change of Council Payroll to Monthly Vs Bi-Weekly

L.     No Truck Signs off N. Jackson Ave and Boock St.

M.     Auditor Letter of Engagement for 2016 Audit     Pg 192

N.     Newly Elected Officials Conference- Lodging

O.     Declare Fire Department Washing Machine Surplus Property

P.     Mayo Community Benefit Group- Community Projects    Pg 199





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