Lamberton DWI felon sentenced to 57 months in prison

A Lamberton man convicted of felony Driving While Impaired was sentenced to 57 months in prison by the Redwood County District Court on November 14.

Wayne Menter, 58, of Lamberton, was convicted of two counts of Driving While Impaired by a jury on October 5.

Redwood County Attorney Steven Collins stated, “The defendant in this case had been convicted six times previously for DWI. This conviction was his second felony conviction. In fact, he is still on probation for his prior conviction.”

Menter was arrested after putting his truck into a ditch on County Highway 15 near Sanborn. Witnesses saw Menter go into the ditch at least twice. When tested, Menter’s blood alcohol content was 0.17, over twice the legal limit.

“Menter has a long history of driving while impaired,” said Collins. “His Minnesota driver’s license had been cancelled because of his past convictions.”

Joel Brakken, Assistant Redwood County Attorney, prosecuted Menter and recommended the 57 month sentence.

Menter asked for a downward departure at sentencing to avoid a lengthy prison stay. Judge Patrick Rohland refused the request and cited public safety as one of the reasons Menter should be in prison.

For more information, contact the Redwood County Attorney’s office at 507-637-4010.

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