DNR reminds hunters to register their deer after a successful hunt

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is reminding hunters to register their deer after a successful hunt. The D-N-R relies on registration information to manage deer herds.

Dan Ruiter, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Information Officer, told KLGR on Friday, “Some concerns this year for the harvest would be the standing corn that still is around in some pockets of southern Minnesota, and the warm temperatures not motivating deer to get up and move during the day – but the weather looks great to be outdoors and make memories.  Statewide, the DNR is still expecting 2016 to have a higher harvest number than 2015.”

The department makes it easy to register your deer… with three different ways to register your harvested deer.

For the past nearly 100 years, in-person registration has been available at participating check-in stations.  You can also register your deer by telephone.  The toll free number is listed on your deer license.  And, you can register by going to the D-N-R website… at MNDNR.GOV
Registering your deer not only helps the D-N-R secure hunting for future generations… but it’s also the law.

Here are some “fun facts” about deer hunting in Minnesota:

Deer hunting
There are nearly 500,000 firearms deer hunters in Minnesota.
Last year, 30 percent of Minnesota firearm hunters successfully harvested a deer. About 63 percent were antlered bucks.
70 percent of Minnesota’s firearms deer harvest typically occurs during the first three or four days of the season.

Projected harvest
·         The DNR is projecting that the 2016 total harvest will be between 165,000 and 185,000 deer. The 2015 total harvest was a little more than 159,000. More information on deer management can be found at www.mndnr.gov/deer.

Hunting economics*
All hunting-related expenditures in Minnesota totaled $725 million.
Trip-related expenses such as food and lodging, transportation were $235 million.
Hunters spent $400 million on equipment.
Hunters spent $90 million on other items such as magazines, membership dues, licenses, permits, land leasing and ownership.
Deer are the number one hunted species in Minnesota and deer hunters along with other hunters and wildlife watchers together contribute more than $1.3 billion to the economy.
* From the 2011 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

More information on deer hunting and the free registration process are available at mndnr.gov

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